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Artist’s Statement

Creating art is a natural response to my active participation in the world. Nature’s atmosphere vibrates with the power of life and the creative force which runs through each plant and creature. I feel most inspired and connected to all things when immersed in the natural world. While observing a river birch tree for example I sense the innate strength, energy and beauty of the sprawling branches, shimmering leaves and delicate unraveling of the paper bark—and I am challenged to reveal this in my drawing or painting. It is this process of creating which opens the door for awareness of the present moment where I am free to be an artist –responding to my world as it is right before me. I love the journey of trying to tell the truth of this energy which may be beautiful, mysterious, whimsical, and sometimes hilarious. Stories are all around us just waiting to be explored and by observing a blade of grass or the aging skin of a lovely, patient friend my aim is to script a portrait of the world as I see it.